Nothing says you’re ‘listening’ to the protesters like writing stupid and unoriginal crap about the cops on Twitter.

Like ex-Hillary spokesman Brian Fallon did.

So powerful.

So edgy.

So meaningful.

Wait … sorry.

Let’s try that again.

So desperate.

So embarrassing.

So transparently useless.

His mom.

That, sir, is an insult to morons.

Hillary’s flying monkeys?

Good point. Brian is of the same political persuasion as the people who were just recently claiming only the police should be armed because guns are bad, m’kay.

Not Democrats. All they need is their Messiah, the government.

Dude worked for Hillary Clinton, which is sort of a given.

Always a good day when we can include a ‘your mom’ joke.


We all know Brian would be on the phone calling 9-1-1 if the protesters showed up in his front yard but you know, he’s edgy and totally down with the people or something.

*all the eye-rolls*



And we thought the FART was bad: Rep. Eric Swalwell’s nasty response to Republican Jewish Coalition asking him to apologize for calling Richard Grenell a Nazi is a DOOZY

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