Brit Hume has always been fairly objective when reporting on the president, why he’s such a valuable resource for many conservatives who are looking to share information they know can’t be called ‘biased’ since Brit calls balls and strikes.

Like this about Trump’s claim that he fired Mattis:

Welp, for whatever reason this wasn’t angry or snarky or outraged enough for Joe Walsh, who decided it was smart to try and pick a fight with Brit.

They never learn.

It always amuses us when Joe Walsh thinks he has any room to criticize ANYONE else. This is the same guy who was taken off the air for using a bunch of racial slurs, the same guy who told Twitter he was getting his musket if Trump didn’t win in 2016 …

And he wants to lecture Brit about his tweet?


And that was THAT.

Ok, admit it, when you read this tweet you can hear it in Brit’s dry, deep voice which makes it even funnier.

Which makes us laugh.




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