Tom Nichols appears to be lecturing George Floyd protesters because they make his argument against lockdown protesters seem silly.

Don’t get us wrong, Tom isn’t defending those who protested the lockdowns, he’s far too important for that, but he is giving these protesters a hard time for not allowing the scolds to keep them inside.

Yeah, you dumb ol’ people protesting the death of George Floyd. Shame shame!

And you should all listen to Tom because he’s so smart and stuff.

He supported the lockdown.

Well goodie for him.

Maybe ‘Tom’ is the male Karen?


Ya’ think?

Lockdowns were just bullsh*t.

And that’s apparently Tom’s big priority, that people stay locked down.

But he’s an expert!

See?! They don’t get it.

Luckily folks were more than happy to ‘educate’ Lisa.

The experts, like Tom, will definitely struggle to convince the masses to listen to them.

Ever again.



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