When Conservatives protested against states basically placing healthy, law-abiding Americans under house arrest the media and the Left (same difference) said some pretty horrible and terrible things about them. Many went so far as to say that any of these protesters who got sick shouldn’t be treated …

Yeah. They were real sweethearts.

Matt Walsh was good enough to compile their coverage of the lockdown protests as a comparison to what we’re seeing with how they’re covering these riots.

It’s in-freaking-furiating.

It was racist for people to protest lockdowns.


That’s our favorite.

Right there.

So that’s still true, right media? These thousands of people rioting are spreading the virus, yes?



Right? People who wanted their inherent rights respected were super selfish.

These a-holes looting Louis Vuitton are sacrificing for social justice or something, right?

So bad.

Those evil conservatives and their liberty!

There it is.



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