Richard Grenell came out SWINGING at both Jack and Twitter over their blatant bias in going after the president while leaving far nastier and grosser tweets on their platform. Like for example, the tweets sent by Khamenei?

Brutal stuff:

Imagine being ok with Khamenei’s tweets while going after the President of the United States’ tweets.

That’s Twitter and Jack, right there.

To be fair, Jack is probably scared of Khamenei. It’s sort of like how the Left always picks on Christians because they know a Christian isn’t likely to hurt them. Other religions, not quite as safe to attack and tear down. Ahem.

But Trump said mail-in ballots can lead to FRAUD!

Which they can and have.


They absolutely should.

But they won’t.

Jack does NOTHING … unless it’s Trump and then he gets his panties all sorts of wadded up.

And now he’s on the Feds’ radar.

Way to go, Jacky.



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