You knew Candace Owens would hand Joe Biden his backside after the comments he made this morning about how a black host ‘ain’t black’ if he doesn’t know whether or not he’s voting for him. No matter how many blue-checks come out of the woodwork to insist this wasn’t a big deal, the way many black Americans have responded AIN’T good for the Democrats.

That’s how we say that, right Joe?

Candace just leveled him:

Disgusting is putting it mildly.

She continued:

Candace is PISSED.

And who could blame her?

If Trump had said something like this the media would be SCREAMING about how racist he is and pretending he called Nazis ‘very fine people.’

This will haunt Biden up to and through the election, that is of course, if the Democrats actually nominate him.

Let’s hope Trump sends him a thank you card next when he’s still president next year.

Maybe a batch of freshly baked cookies as well.



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