If you were curious how absolutely gross and desperate the Left is to get rid of Trump look no further than this so-called ‘strong lede’ from The Nationa’s Katha Pollitt:

We guess she was at least honest, right?

From The Nation:

I would vote for Joe Biden if he boiled babies and ate them. He wasn’t my candidate, but taking back the White House is that important. Four more years of Trump will replace what remains of our democracy with unchecked rule by kleptocrats, fascists, religious fanatics, gun nuts, and know-nothings. The environment? Education? Public health? The rights of voters, workers, immigrants, people of color, and yes, women? Forget them. And not just for the next four years: A Trump victory will lock down the courts for decades. I cannot believe that a rational person can grasp the disaster that is Donald Trump and withhold their support from Biden because of Tara Reade.

She can’t believe anyone would hold Biden accountable for allegedly raping someone.

And she thinks she has any room to criticize Trump and his supporters?

What. A. Cow.

Mollie Hemingway blasted her:


Imagine being this absolutely lost to say you’d support the very worst of the worst of human beings if that meant Trump wasn’t in the White House.

We knew they were pretty broken but wow.



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