Mayor Bill de Blasio couldn’t wait to tweet about his Cease and Desist Order targeting a Yeshiva for conducting classes – he seemed almost gleeful about the NYPD shutting them down. Both his actions and his tweet are pretty damn repugnant:

Not the first time de Blasio has targeted and threatened the Jews.

Ted Cruz was more than happy to remind the mayor about their Constitutional right to religious freedom that does NOT go away because of a pandemic.

DOJ should absolutely investigate and not the next time he does this.


He’s already done it twice.

Three times? Four?

Sounds like de Blasio has a history of targeting this community.

These lockdowns have given bad men (and women, hello Gretch) way too much authority and power.


They don’t necessarily believe in God so it’s easy for them to assume the role.


Paging the DOJ …



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