As Twitchy readers know, when Elon Musk filed a lawsuit against CA for ‘refusing’ to allow his company to get back to work due to their draconian COVID restrictions, Democrat and Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez tweeted, ‘F*** Elon Musk.‘ Because you know, she’s super professional and someone others can look up to.

Or not.

Welp, it appears CABIA California (a business and industrial alliance) took her edgy little tweet and used it in an ad slamming both her and her job-killing AB5. Yes, she is the one behind the legislation that killed freelance in California. Yay her.

It’s a work of ART!

Lorena so had this coming.

One person creates jobs, the other kills them.


All day long.

And that message is she cares more about government control than she does the working man.

Repeal that garbage law.

Like, yesterday.

No, wait, the DAY BEFORE yesterday.

It’s just that awful.

Daaaaaaamn is right.



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