Margaret Sullivan is rallying her troops to keep Americans shut down at home because Trump is trying to ‘normalize coronavirus deaths’ so he can open the country. Note, Margaret and her fellow firefighters don’t care about any other deaths, just the ones that fit their narrative and help them push a Leftist agenda.

Dangerous rhetoric about reopening? Really?

From WaPo:

In short, they see an attempt to normalize the hideous toll of the coronavirus — just as we long ago came to accept 40,000 car-crash deaths a year as “normal” — and they are afraid the media is only going to help Trump’s case.

“The problem with normalizing deaths,” they wrote in a recent essay for the Watson Institute of International and Public Affairs at Brown University, where Lutz is an anthropology professor, is that “it allows more deaths. It makes it easier for the horrors of virus deaths to fall off the broadcast news chyron, to divert resources away from public health and for future politicians to treat the next pandemic even more glibly.”

They really don’t want you guys to make decisions for yourselves.

And they wonder why we hate them.



It’s ok to die of anything other than COVID … heh.


Forget that death is a natural, normal part of the human condition and that eventually, it will happen to all of us. Not to say these deaths aren’t tragic, but we just don’t buy that the media or the Left suddenly care about life. You know, the people who keep telling us unborn babies aren’t alive or human? Yeah.

Notice how people lecturing others to stay home are usually still getting paid.

Apparently, until COVID came along she thought we were all immortal.

Imagine her surprise.



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