Man, we are really enjoying how much Adam Schiff is getting dragged with the release of these documents and interviews. Especially when we know he was forced by the ODNI to release certain interviews, like the one Eli Lake is talking about here:

He KNEW it was all a lie and he thought it would never see the light of day.

He was wrong.

Innuendo and fakery seem spot on as well.

It’s only going to get bumpier, Adam. Better buckle up.

Trump’s crime was beating Hillary.


We’re not entirely sure Adam can stop lying.

It’s sort of his thing.

Remember when he said he had evidence proving collusion? Or the time he got pranked by a Ukrainian radio show trying to get naked pictures of Trump?

Yeah, this dude is garbage’s garbage.

Sadly, we’re not holding our breath BUT surely there must be something consequence-worthy here when we can see it in black and white.




He really is.



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