Uber-conservative blogger Jennifer Rubin could hardly contain herself this morning, praising ‘her guy’ Joe Biden for his whack-a-doodle Morning Joe interview where quite honestly Mika Brzezinski chewed him up and spit him. Of course, Jennifer is still trying to convince everyone that Joe is innocent …

Everyone breathes a sigh of relief when your guy is innocent.


And eloquent … Joe? LOL

For being innocent, Joe sure doesn’t want anyone looking through those records at the University of Delaware, just sayin’.

For sure.

Even Joe said we should just listen to women when they tell the truth (and we guess we shouldn’t if they’re not?) and stuff which is the opposite of what believing all women is about but whatever.

There ya’ go.

OR it might show Tara Reade’s complaint. People are going to make this far worse than it may really be if they keep hiding those records.

Impressive in a sad way, ain’t it?


Perhaps this gent is new to Jennifer Rubin’s writing, ideas, and timeline.

She is definitely stupid enough to believe this.



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