Of course, Nancy Pelosi endorsed Joe Biden. Let’s not pretend she really cares about those allegations or believes all women.


Juanita Broaddrick who herself has been ignored, cast aside, and even attacked because her abuser was a Democrat blasted Nancy:

The way Democrats have treated Tara Reade, in general, has been one big slap in the face, but we digress.

From cnbc:

U.S. House Of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi has endorsed Joe Biden for president, joining a list of top Democrats, who have recently thrown their support behind the former vice president.

Pelosi’s endorsement of the Democratic presidential candidate follows that of U.S. Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, former president Barack Obama, and former vice president Al Gore, who all threw their weight behind Biden earlier this month.

In a video statement released on Monday, Pelosi cited Biden’s experience in government, including his role in passing the Affordable Care Act, as evidence of his leadership qualities. She said Biden is well-positioned to lead the country amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

“As we face coronavirus, Joe has been a voice of reason and resilience, with a clear path to lead us out of this crisis,” Pelosi said in her endorsement.

The guy doesn’t know what planet he’s on but sure, he can lead us through a crisis.


Right? That $13 a pint ice cream ain’t gonna pay for itself you know.


We didn’t write it.

We didn’t disagree with it though.

We did include it.

That only applies to women who accuse Republicans.




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