A few days back, nearly 30-year-old footage from CNN Larry King surfaced that allegedly featured the voice of Joe Biden’s accuser’s mother talking about her daughter being sexually assaulted by a prominent senator.

Sidenote, anyone else think it’s INSANE that 1993 is almost 30 years ago?!?!

Welp, it appears the footage which has gotten the attention of many people even on the Left has magically started disappearing. Even Donald Trump Jr. noticed:

From Fox News:

The 1993 episode of CNN’s “Larry King Live” featuring an anonymous caller who was later identified as the mother of Biden accuser Tara Reade was no longer listed in Google Play’s catalog late Saturday.

Twitter user J.L. Hamilton shared a screenshot showing the Aug. 11, 1993, broadcast of “Larry King Live” was no longer listed in the season three catalog of the iconic CNN talk show. Mysteriously, though, the Aug. 10 broadcast, which is listed as “Episode 154” is followed by the Aug. 12 broadcast, which is listed as “Episode 155,” suggesting that episode and the ones that follow could be incorrectly listed and off by a number.

Fox News later verified the Aug. 11 episode is not listed on the streaming service. It is unclear when it was removed from the catalog.

Isn’t THAT convenient?

It’s like August 11, 1993 just sorta disappeared.

Weird, right?

Luckily quite a few people still have it …

We’d say this is far more damning than anything they brought up against Kavanaugh, wouldn’t you?

No wonder it’s disappearing.



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