Popehat sure has a strange way of showing his admiration for free speech. Oh sure, we know blocking people on Twitter has nothing to do with the actual First Amendment. But watching this guy who we used to write about in a positive way screenshot a Conservative woman to drag her over butter so his followers could clap like mindless seals seems almost like he was punishing her for what she wrote.

Don’cha think?

He could have at least had the nards to tag her or respond directly to her so she could defend herself but we suppose when you’re more focused on proving your own superiority the last thing you want is to give someone a chance to prove you wrong.

Hypothesis: the more you screenshot people without giving them the benefit of a tag, the more likely it is that you won’t see the irony of you using the ‘snowflake’ argument to make fun of them.

Have we mentioned how far the mighty have fallen since Trump got elected?


A rare voice of reason.



Again, him using the term ‘snowflake’ is even funnier now.

Not a great visual but also not untrue.

Those clicks and taps from his newfound anti-Trump fans aren’t going to click and tap themselves.

Tsk tsk, he doesn’t care if she’s actually very fun or a wonderful person – all he cares about is making himself look superior and super-woke.

We see that a lot in this particular group of ‘betters’.

*cough cough Bullwark cough cough*

It absolutely is.

Sadly, his tweet led to Land O Lakes trending, which led to even more dragging of this woman Popehat didn’t have the decency to at least tag:

Way to go, Popehat. You showed her!

*eye roll*

As we said, DBAG move.

In closing …

Just sayin’.

Editor’s note: Popehat’s fans were complaining that we didn’t tag him in the headline; we normally try not to do that so the person we’re writing about isn’t inundated every time the story is shared BUT if they think we’re being hypocritical okie dokie. We tagged him. Thanks for the input! – sj



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