Remember when Richard Marx was relevant? Yeah, we don’t either.

Which is probably why he’s tweeting garbage like this on Twitter:

Sane people would think sending a picture of a father with his young daughter insinuating an inappropriate relationship is disgusting, Richard.

Note: When he writes gross and horrible things about Trump and/or his supporters seems to be the only time he gets any attention or tractions which would be sad if he weren’t being such a disgusting toad.

We’re not sure if Richard realizes that but this editor and others were more than happy to point that out to the ‘had a few hits wonder’.

Something like that.

We’re not sure there’s enough therapy out there to cure this level of TDS.

That would be the ‘has-been’ part.


Hey, in these times of constant COVID it’s sorta fun to point and laugh at Richard for being a really lame troll.





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