It’s been fascinating watching Nancy Pelosi literally and blatantly delay all sorts of relief for the American public to play politics and then turn around and blame Republicans for the delay. And by fascinating we mean nauseating, infuriating, and really damn annoying.

What’s even more ‘fascinating’ is her base thumping their chests and pretending she’s not full of crap.

Bret Baier seems to have had ENOUGH.


Political jiujitsu.

Side note, jiujitsu is not only hard to spell but it’s freakin’ hard to type. Maybe this editor just needs more coffee?

It also implies that’s she’s ‘good’ at lying … and she is.

This editor has removed all heavy objects from the living room for just this reason.


What a visual.

Ugh, let’s hope not.

And in other news, water is still wet.

If Nancy is talking and or breathing she’s lying.

It’s what she does best.



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