You know when you are writing an article about the media running with the notion that Trump somehow suggested people should shoot up Lysol to prevent or cure the coronavirus we’ve officially ventured into one of if not THE stupidest times in our history. The media just love to use Trump’s ability to talk like and connect with the ‘everyday Joe’ against him.

Breitbart’s John Hayward explained it very well in a thread:

Layman’s enthusiasm for complex medical treatments.

And to John’s other point, #DontDrinkBleach wouldn’t be trending this morning on Twitter if the legacy media hadn’t pushed this silly narrative in the first place. This editor watched it live, and while he was sort of rambling about sunlight and cleaners at no point did she think he was suggesting Americans should ingest Lysol.

As we said above, one of if not THE dumbest points in our history.


Which is why he started doing these daily briefings in the first place. He knows they will take whatever he says and make it out to be what they wanted him to say.

They never change.

Gatekeepers of Context.

THAT is hilarious.

They’re not interested in a ‘fair hit’. No, they need something they can screech about for several days that can then be handed to the DNC for talking points and campaign ads.

Funny how that story disappeared when everyone found out the wife WHO SURVIVED is a rabid Trump hater.

And they know their vapid base will lap it up.

Every time.



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