Adam Schiff really needs to stop setting himself up with such ridiculous tweets. Are we surprised he’s on the Trump/Lysol nonsense? No. Do we think someone close to the man should tell him to stop putting quarters in the nut-punching machine?


If he thinks we believe that someone asked him about whether or not it was responsible for outlets to carry Trump’s briefings we have a bridge for sale …

Once a Schiff for Brains, always a Schiff for Brains.

So we will ask again, why does Schiff keep insisting on putting quarters in the nut-punching machine?

We just like writing, ‘nut-punching’ machine; yes, we are immature.

None, whatsoever.

Unless you count the endless fodder for Twitchy …

Something like that.

Right? His followers believed him when he said he had THE evidence on Trump and Russia that would well and truly do him in.

We have yet to see that evidence.

This. ^

It’s a theme we’re seeing with all modern-day Democrats.

He’s not special.



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