We’re starting to think Trump is holding daily pressers not just to directly inform Americans about what is happening with the virus and the economy, but also to give us an opportunity to witness first-hand how unhinged, unprofessional, and downright embarrassing the media have become. Yeah yeah yeah, we’ve known they’re pretty lame for a long time, but witnessing their descent into emotionally-driven nonsense has been enlightening.

Like CBS’ Weijia Jiang during Sunday night’s briefing … she was a train wreck. 


Then NBC News’ Kelly O’Donnell complained on Twitter that the head of testing did not speak and was not asked a question.

Was. Not. Asked. A. Question.

But you know, that’s Trump’s fault too.

Maybe because the media are too busy trying to pick fights with the president?

James Hasson lit O’Donnell and the ‘legacy media’ up in a short but vicious thread:

Wait, it gets better.

Keep going.

True story.

Media are their own worst enemy.

And that’s the real story here.

Oh good, ‘James’ did O’Donnell’s job for her.

Hope she told him ‘thanks’.



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