Welp, several weeks ago now (it’s hard to believe) this editor promised to write about Sean Spicier’s timeline at least once a week to give us all a much-needed laugh. We don’t know about you guys but the laughs are among the list of things that keep us going, every day.

So here we are once again, ladies and germs.

This time around Mr. Spicier has chosen to tweet about Obama endorsing Biden, Trump’s ‘authority’, and the 2020 Election which all seem to go hand-in-hand if you think about it. Note, we didn’t see any virus tweets on his timeline which is just an added benefit.


Obama could take a dump in the middle of this guy’s front lawn and he’d still insist he has class.

Sorry for the visual but c’mon.

They are SO angry at Trump for doing what they wanted him to do except they don’t want him to do it now, or something. Of course, they’ve been going back and forth claiming Trump is either too authoritarian or not doing enough for the past two months so we’re not entirely surprised they’re so confused.

Awww, David Leavitt … the guy will forever be known as the idjit whose attempt at getting a young woman fired from Target made her not only the good guy but famous and earned her a vacation in Hawaii.

Sick Tiger King reference, Jim.

Years, people.


And they still don’t bother to look for the pretty little blue check that would keep them from making total fools of themselves.

President Death?

Well, you know Molly is super fun at parties and family gatherings.

Yeah, you nitwit.


Never gets old.

Thinking Jason meant ‘wear face masks,’ and c’mon, this is seriously melodramatic. The media have done a great job scaring the crap out of Americans … it’s all rather annoying and disappointing.

Thank the Twitter Gawds for Sean Spicier.



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