Now, according to this station’s Chyron, they believe the man they’re interviewing is a Coronavirus conspiracy theorist and granted, he’s certainly wearing the outfit of a conspiracy theorist but still. This ‘real COVID-19 interview’ is truly the funniest thing this editor has watched in days and considering we actively cover AOC’s timeline, that says a lot.

Watch this … and wait for it.

OMG the spray bottle!!! EL OH EL.

This is so great.

Granted, some of the actual COVID interview is sorta questionable (eeeek) but the end makes it all worth it.

Which means it may have been staged but we really really really hope not because HOOBOY, that there is funny.

Sorry, but we so needed a laugh and this COVID-19 interview was just perfect.

Seriously, so great.

Best laugh of the day.



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