As Twitchy readers know, Biden Coronavirus adviser Ronald Klain peeked his pointy little head out to blame Trump for the staggering unemployment numbers released on Thursday. And as our readers also know, Klain was quickly reminded of every stupid, asinine, ridiculous thing he originally said about the Coronavirus.

Brit Hume even helped us ‘drag’ him:

Which got Klain’s attention.

See, Ronald here was so upset with Trump for referring to the Coronavirus as the ‘Chinese Virus’ he encouraged THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of New Yorkers to gather in China Town to combat racism. During the most dangerous and likely most contagious stage of the virus for that city …

Probably no coincidence that NY is the epicenter for the virus in America.

Just sayin’.

Brit fired back:


‘But respectfully’.

Is that sort of like when someone in the south says, ‘Bless your heart?’ Asking for a friend.

Ding ding ding.

Nothing else matters to shills like Klain.

Not lives.

Not the country.

Only making Trump at fault, no matter what.

And it’s going to backfire, BIGLY.



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