Ok, so Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wasn’t quite as insane as ol’ Rep. Haley Stevens but that’s not saying a whole lost considering Stevens went absolutely batsh*t on the floor and had to be all but physically removed and consoled.

We get it, AOC has to keep pushing that whole, ‘corporations BAD!’ narrative since she’s been totally Bernie-fied but maybe now isn’t the best time to play that card.


Good Lord, if she flops her arms around anymore the woman is going to take flight.

Oh, good, she finally cares about her district. And to think, it only took one little pandemic.

But guys, AOC was a bartender. Duh.

Notice she left out the monies Democrats put into the bill for performing arts centers and other pet projects.

But hey, CORPORATIONS BAD, even though they employ people.

Right? Just Last night, AOC was very busy complaining about the funding going to cruise ships at all because apparently the thousands of Americans they employ don’t deserve to keep their jobs. Probably not the best time to make an argument for funding illegal immigrants either but we digress.


It’s TOTALLY the GOP that’s pulling the hat trick here.

*sigh again*



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