It’s like Joe Lockhart figured out the only way anyone pays any attention to him is if he’s a horrible and gross troll. Honestly, we don’t even remember seeing this sad sack in our feed all that much before the Coronavirus Crisis.

Keep in mind reading Joe’s tweet, these are the same people who were criticizing Trump and calling him a sexist for not having women (more women) on his Coronavirus Task Force:

Stepford Doc.

Seriously? He couldn’t even get her name right.

What an as*hole.

We, for one, are no longer interested in hearing from Joe Lockhart.

CNN quality right there!


Brad could’ve stopped after, ‘They hate the people.’

Yes, Joe, take ALLLLL the seats.

And then when you’ve taken those seats, try and take a few more.


Stepford Analysts.

That works.



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