What sort of Dean sends an email telling students they won’t get their money back even though they aren’t really getting what they paid for and sends a video asking them to dance with them? It sounds like we’re making that up, right?

Look at this:

What in the absolute EFF did we just watch?

We took a look at tuition for ONE SEMESTER at the Tisch School of Arts which is part of NYU. One semester if you take a ‘full load’ is over $30k. ONE SEMESTER. And think about this for a minute, a student going to an ‘arts’ college can’t exactly perform or create for a grade at home … how do they learn? This video is how she told them they’re out of luck?

‘Sorry folks, you don’t get your money back but hey, dance with me!’


Now, we haven’t seen the email sooooo we can’t say whether or not this is true but seeing her dance and shrug her shoulders in that video, we don’t doubt it.


True story.

It sort of feels like it.

OH, that’s it.


And wow.



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