After Rep. Haley Stevens completely lost her sh*t earlier today on the House floor during the Coronavirus Stimulus debate, we thought we’d check out her timeline to see if this outburst in pink latex gloves was perhaps just due to the pressure many Americans are feeling right now.

And nope.

That level of crazy was not an act nor was it unique.

Look at this.

So, she had many words rining from her heart and was planning to get on the floor with ‘bells on’:

Latex gloves.

Yeah, that’s totally sane.

Just like this tweet she deleted:

Trump as the Grim Reaper.


Because that’s TOTES not insane for an elected official to tweet. Surely her constituent was mistaken and she never tweeted it but …

Funny for both sides?


We’re not sayin’ but we’re sayin’.

Sorry, it’s almost like we’re speakin’ Biden there … our bad.

This person could be describing the Democratic Party as a whole.

Seriously, yikes.



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