Over the past few weeks, we have seen a good many ‘experts’ out there claiming horrible and terrifying things about the coronavirus which have led to a lot of horrified and terrified people. Luckily, as we’ve learned more about the virus and more testing has become available it seems like some of the panic from even the experts is starting to change.

Like the UK’s Neil Ferguson, who originally claimed the virus would kill half a million people in the UK:

Seems since he himself caught the virus he has changed his mind:

That number, while still incredibly sad and disconcerting, is far lower than half a million. And we don’t even really do a whole lot of math around these here parts.

In other words, people had it before they knew what it was and thought it was a cold or the flu.

Weeks, not months.

Hey, if this mindset could move over to the US even a LITTLE and help us get moving again we’re AOK with the idea of the lockdown working.

Team Apocalypse aka the corporate media is not interested in a coronavirus ‘expert’ changing his tune.

Color us SHOCKED.

No wonder their ratings are in the crapper.

True story.

And the damage will have already been done.



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