We’re telling you guys, if you really want to know what’s going on in the world keep an eye on Brit Hume’s feed, especially with the coronavirus and each and every spin corporate media is trying to push to support their anti-Trump narrative. Dude is seriously on his game.

Like this:

Wait, the ‘shortage’ of masks and respirators isn’t Trump’s fault?!

But we were assured that orange man IS indeed bad!

FYI, this thread from Paul Matzko about what is really going on with masks and respirators will tick you off because it was just the other day we were writing about issues with testing and why there was so much ‘fail’ in the beginning.

The FDA.


Sensing a disconcerting pattern here, folks.


Capitalism for the win!


Gotta love it when our own government gets in our way.

Check this out:


This is insanity.

We haven’t seen ‘ordinary times’ in decades, but we digress.

And yes, it should waive its surgical mask/respirator regulations for the time being.


So stupid.

A market failure AND DON’T FORGET, a Trump failure.

And to think, Senators Chris Murphy and Brian Schatz (for brains) want to give the government more control over these items.

Yeah, that’s a big pass you guys.

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