As Trump’s approval ratings of his handling of the Coronavirus continue to climb it seems another group’s handling of the virus is continuing to fall.

No wonder they want to censor and shut him down, he’s burying them with every presser:

Media DROPPED by 11 points.

And Trump gained 22 points and is beating the media by 16 points. That is an INSANE switch, and likely due to the fact he’s speaking directly to Americans instead of relying on the media to report what he’s saying and doing.

Gosh, they’ve more than EARNED these ratings.


Hey, at this point in the game approval is approval … but a fair point.

They’ve just lost it.

Granted, we all have in a lot of ways but the media’s fall has been fairly spectacular.

Right?! THEY CALLED THIS GUY’S PARENTS and wrote an entire story about it.

And they wonder why we hate them.


Really good point.

When even Congress is beating them?

And we’re watching it in real-time.




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