Remember when the House voted to impeach Trump and Nancy Pelosi had special pens for folks to use when they signed off on the articles? Yeah, she really is awful.

Welp, The Babylon Bee had a similar take as to why she keeps putting off helping millions of Americans with the Coronavirus Stimulus Package.

It’s like they really know Nancy.

From The Babylon Bee:

But in a last-minute delay, Pelosi announced that she is out of souvenir pens to sign the bill and send it over to the president. “This is a somber emergency, of course, but it’s important that I have a bunch of souvenirs to hand out to supporters, so I can remind everyone that I saved the economy.”

“Once my souvenir pens come in, I’ll sign our version so we can make this thing law,” Pelosi said. “They’re on backorder for the next 6-8 weeks, so just hang in there, America.”

At publishing time, sources had confirmed the pens are coming from China, further delaying the passing of the stimulus bill.

Pens coming from China.

And we’re officially dead.

But Democrats care about the people.

They keep telling us they do.



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