Imagine using something like the coronavirus to push your crap agenda.

Shame on Democrats.

They keep babbling about how they blocked some magical ‘Trump Slush Fund’ (which has been debunked a LOT) when in reality they’ve blocked actual relief Americans desperately need RIGHT NOW. Not tomorrow, not the day after, NOW.

This is what they really blocked:

Unemployment insurance, small business loans, hospitals, vaccines, K-12, veterans … those monsters!

Really Chucks and Nan? THIS is when you want to play games?

Put the damn windmills and union nonsense on hold, folks, and get to work.

Time to save America and her people.

Promise, you all can go back to being miserable, partisan, as*holes when we come out on the other side of this crisis but until then, quit d*ckin’ around and get it done.

It really is disgusting, right?

No shame.



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