We do agree with Brian Stelter on part of his tweet, there is definitely a whole lot of dull in the news. Maybe if they spent more time reporting facts and less time reporting crazy and terrifying conspiracies to dunk on Trump that wouldn’t be the case. Wouldn’t it be nice if we actually had a functioning media we could trust?

Because that’s totally sane, Brian.

Seriously. We’d be having nightmares too.

Or maybe he’s just jealous of Jim Acosta’s diary.

Dear Diary,

People on Fox News are big meanies. I wish my show was half as popular as their least popular show.




We searched and searched and couldn’t find any real stories about hospitals being nightmares so we’re not entirely sure where Brian got that? Maybe he dreamed it.


We see what he did here.

The media sadly seem almost more dangerous than the actual virus.

And that’s NOT fake news.



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