Forget that totwaffles look DELICIOUS, the way Ada Powers writes about how to make them in this thread is just superb and a great way to laugh about being locked down. Not only will you learn now to make something quite possibly very yummy but you’ll have an opportunity to read something really, really well-written.

It’s fantastic, trust us.

A non-political thread? GET outta town!

It’s just so great.

‘It may slightly hate you for never using it.’


Potatoes will do your bidding.

This is also true in the media … oh, come on, you KNEW we’d make a Brian Stelter joke in a piece about tater tots, right?

This sounds both delicious and disgusting so we’re torn.


In other words, you don’t want your tots to stick.

We don’t usually include tweets about financial support BUT we thought with the way the world is right now and the awesomeness of her thread that we’d share it.



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