Truckers are the backbone of this country.

They always have been and they always will be, no matter how ‘technologically advanced’ we get. Without the men and women willing to drive millions of miles every year to make sure we have the things we need (like toilet paper!) this country would fall apart. And we see that now more than ever with what is happening across the country with panic-buying.

We’ve got to make sure we’re listening to our truckers and doing what we can to help them.

This thread is incredibly disconcerting:

We need truckers and truckers need us.

Please, read and share.

They can’t even use the bathroom.

C’mon people.

Dude, complain.

So humble.

We don’t want our truckers to feel neglected … come on America.


Come on.

We’re working on it, Big Red! Check #ConvoyUSA as well, folks …

Porta potties are disgusting – we don’t blame him one bit for complaining.

Imagine feeling like a scumbag for sharing your concerns and asking for help? We owe them better than this, folks.

We got you, Big Red.

And we’ll keep sharing your message … we’re here for you.



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