As Twitchy readers know, Rick Wilson wrote a fairly ‘sick’ tweet about Melania Trump and the coronavirus.

Of course, Rick didn’t accept responsibility for being a foul little man. No, he blamed everyone else and even Trump claiming he wasn’t wishing the virus on the First Lady.

Rick is the worst sort of troll, one who can’t even stand by his gross tweets.

And gosh, why would people assume Rick would ever wish horrible things on Melania? He’s usually so polite and kind about her.

Or not.

Took a gander through his history tweeting about Melania and this is just a handful. The man seems a teensy bit obsessed with not only hating on the president but his wife as well:

See? He’s always super respectful of Melania. Why would anyone have ever thought he would say something as horrible as wishing the virus on her?

*eye roll*

Sorry, that’s just gross.

So perhaps Rick should take a long, hard look at his own timeline before lashing out at people assuming he meant the worst because let’s face it, he’s been a pretty disgusting misogynist about Melania for quite some time.

Ding ding ding.

Not sure how many times we have to point out he acts as worse as if not worse than Trump these days.