We’re seeing a whole lot of doom and gloom and fear-inducing nonsense in social media and traditional media around the Coronavirus, so it was truly a breath of fresh air reading this thread from Twitter user @Brickhouse0733. Something we should all keep in mind as we hunker down …

Take a look:


Yes yes.

Our truckers have always been what keeps this country going, and now more than EVER, we need to show them our respect and do what we can to help them. Because their job is literally helping US.

Family matters. Who’da thunk it?

Political correctness is dead, no matter how hard the media tries to pretend otherwise. Constant b*tching and moaning about what we call the virus instead of reporting what people need to KNOW … that is our media today. That is who they are and what they’ve become. Must be nice to live in a world where you have time to worry about what a virus that is killing people is called.

Media seems to forget … we’re AMERICANS.

And Americans don’t lose.

Hell to the yeah.



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