Brit Hume noticed something about Trump’s critics that we have been mocking for years. Of course, it’s only gotten worse with the coronavirus:

From the National Review:

As a New York Times report put it, Trump “has essentially become a bystander as school superintendents, sports commissioners, college presidents, governors and business owners across the country take it upon themselves to shut down much of American life.”

Ordinarily, tyrants aren’t bystanders. They don’t give other political players and civic institutions wide latitude to make their own decisions. They don’t have to be pushed to declare a national emergency unlocking various powers. They don’t have to be lobbied to call out the military to deal with a domestic problem.

Trump declared an emergency last week and has now issued national guidelines against gatherings of more than ten people, but his initial instinct was to urge people to stay calm and carry on.

It’s sort of like when they complained that Trump didn’t have any women on his team, and then when we all pointed out Dr. Birx they went after her voice and were infuriated that she dare be reassuring during this horrible time. There is no pleasing the people on the Left (and far too many in the media) because they just hate Trump that much. And if that means the country fails then so be it.

Pretty awful, right?

They certainly have been doing their part for China in OUR hour of need.


The man could cure cancer and his critics would claim he was putting doctors and nurses out of work. Trump can’t win with these people, which honestly just makes their rumblings and complaints less and less meaningful. They’ve so badly damaged themselves with petty whining about the president (that one reporter badgering him about his son during a presser for example) that no one expects much from them anymore.

They need to figure out THEY are their own worst enemy. Not Trump.



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