Yeah yeah, we get it, media. You hate Trump. But siding with China over your own country because ORANGE MAN BAD is just gross, especially during a time when the country is already in a constant state of upheaval and chaos. You’d think they’d want to reassure Americans and share the absolute most correct information possible during times like these but nope, they’re too focused on playing politics.

Culture wars and what not.

Look at this garbage:






This is not racist.

This is not xenophobic.

This is not about identity politics.

This is reality.

RedSteeze laid it out:

What sort of low-life sides with China over America?

You know what? Never mind.

It’s like they got their talking points or something.

You’d think.

But no.

They are useful idiots for them.

There is no ‘acting’ involved.

Why not both?



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