Unless you live under a rock (and with how insane things have been lately we would hardly blame you) then you know per the media and the Left that Trump has not done enough to combat the coronavirus.

Or he’s doing too much.

Or what he’s doing is racist, sexist, or some other ‘ist’.

In other words, we’re not really getting the whole story from our good, reliable, unbiased friends in the Left and the media. Need a dose of reality? Check out this thread from @Scotsfyre:

Winner winner chicken dinner.

But Trump hasn’t put enough women on his team! And the woman he put on his team seems too happy and reassuring!

Whoa, so they are doing something. We have been told over and over again that’s not true.

Gosh, who knew?

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Five hours by the FDA … wow.

This this this. ^

Journalists who don’t know their a*s from a hole in the ground.

It’s like she really knows who they are.

Oh Hell yeah.



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