If it’s not one thing with the whiny, frothy-mouthed, angry, chest-thumping Left and Trump it’s another. They called him xenophobic when he tried to ban travel from China, they called him racist for banning travel from Europe, they called him SEXIST for not having women on his coronavirus team.

And then when the woman on his team who also happens to be a DOCTOR speaks during a presser proving not only does Trump have women on his team but one of them is all but leading it, they attack HER.

They are a predictable, horrible group of people, we know.

Look at this heifer:

Sooo Mimi’s big complaint about Dr. Birx is that she was too reassuring during her speech.


EVERYONE IS GOING TO DIE and OMG, listen to that woman’s voice, it’s so awful.

Yes, yes they are in a competition.

You’d think.


Seriously, if they want to complain about a woman’s voice let’s start with Elizabeth ‘Shrill’ Warren.


Orange man bad.

But petty harpies looking for any reason to trash a president and score cheap points on Twitter do.



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