Good ol’ Jonathan Chait, keeping it classy as always.

Can you imagine the fit the Left would’ve thrown if conservative-leaning journos had so nonchalantly talked about things ‘finishing Obama off politically’? Especially a virus? OMG, the accusations of racism and fascism and every other ‘ism’ out there would have been off the charts.

But you know, since it’s Trump it’s ok.

From NY Mag:

It is possible that the public health and economic catastrophes that loom so large at the moment will be gone by autumn. It is even possible that they will remain and Trump will somehow survive anyway. (After all, the mayor in Jaws had somehow retained his position in Jaws 2. And he was still minimizing shark risks!)

But it seems more likely that Trump has finally made his unfitness for office so blatant that even his own supporters will notice. The American economy, its health infrastructure, and perhaps more are plunging into foreseeable crisis. And every step Trump has taken along the way seems almost calculated to expose him to maximal blame. Trump is now quite likely to lose his reelection, and we will look back at the last few weeks as the time when he sealed his own fate.

What an ass.

Sorry, that’s an insult to asses.

This editor spent a good portion of her day yesterday getting screamed at by the Left who insisted the media isn’t rooting for the virus.

It’s like they don’t pay any attention to anything.

Gross, right?

We’re not sure what that would be.

Fair point.

They’ll get him this time!




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