We’ve never heard of this Berin Szóka guy before but apparently the Washington Post thinks enough of him to include him as an ‘expert’ on their ‘Technology 2020 Network List of Experts.’ He seems awfully excited about being selected … and sort of like a politically biased dbag at the same time.

Take a look.

Gosh, it seems like he leans a bit to the Left.

Kidding, he leans a LOT to the Left, so much so in fact that he wished death via #coronavirus on Trump. Notice we have no tweet to include because the coward tried deleting it BUT as all Twitchy readers know, tweets are FOREVER.

Chuck Ross had it:

Great pick even, WaPo.

Poetic justice that a president would die from a virus? WTF is wrong with these people?

You know what? Don’t answer that.

He tried to backpedal as well but that didn’t go over so hot:

Nobody ‘read it’ that way, chief. You tweeted it.

And sure, his tweet came from concern.

What an a-hole.

He deleted his tweet because he couldn’t deal with the consequences of having written it in the first place.

Tweeps were not about to let him off the hook:


Isn’t he adorable?

Horrid. Now there’s a word we don’t use enough these days.

Yup. That about sums him up.



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