While the rest of the media are out and about telling Americans they’re all GOING TO DIE (MSNBC had an ‘expert’ on claiming the mortality rate would be 15-20% … not even joking), Brit Hume took a more measured and rational route and shared something actually useful.

Sure, it’s not quite as click/tap-worthy as ‘THE END OF TIMES AND IT’S TRUMP’S FAULT’, but it’s a piece that everyone would benefit from reading.

Crazy, right?

From USA Today:

People can start by focusing on their own health. Early data make it clear that healthier people do better when they get COVID-19 infection. Getting ourselves and our children up to date on vaccines will keep us generally healthier, reduce our need to use the healthcare system during what may be a busy time, and — in the case of the flu shot — make us less likely to get an infection that could be mistaken for COVID-19 and require testing.

Wait, stay healthy? Get outta here.

To fight coronavirus: Wash your hands and support clean water access around the world

Hand-washing and covering coughs are low-tech, low-cost ways to protect yourself and those around you. The virus has been shown to live on surfaces like metal for a few hours, and plastic and cardboard for perhaps several days under optimal conditions. There has been a focus on the potential for respiratory droplets to spread coronavirus. But a lot of people are probably getting infected by touching contaminated surfaces and then touching their mouths or eyes. The average person touches their face about 23 times an hour.

WASH YOUR HANDS?! But we’ve been told this is the end of times!

Imagine how much better off this country would be right now if the media treated the coronavirus like this, something to be careful of and proactive in dealing with, but not a GLOBAL KILLER that will wipe out a fifth of our population.

Not quite as exciting as the whole ‘apocalypse’ headline thing but definitely better for anyone reading it.


Are people NOT washing their hands?


And stop the hysterics.


That’s definitely what it feels like when you look at any outlet right now.



Get enough sleep. Stay healthy. Eat right. Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face. If you’re sick STAY HOME.

It’s like America just needs to take a deep breath, ya’ know?



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