Good to see CNN going to bat for ol’ Joe Biden already.


We knew they’d be all in for whoever runs against Trump but this was just way too predictable. Anyone who saw the video in real-time that Dan Scavino shared could see it was edited for content. The gaffe and cringe was all real and all Joe Biden.

See for yourself:

But that didn’t stop CNN from trying to pretend otherwise.

Fact check?


Coming from CNN that’s an oxymoron.

Trump’s Sr. Legal Adviser, Jenna Ellis, called CNN OUT.


We’re not entirely sure why Asha Rangappa felt the need to pick a fight over this video with Ellis but here we are:


She must think nobody saw this in real-time.

He may have meant to say the rest but it was totally lost and no amount of editing could change that.

Oh to be lectured by a CNN analyst about what normal people do.

Ellis responded.

Typical hypocrite is right.

And speaking of crazy personal attacks, the number of people dragging Ellis for calling CNN out is off the charts. People attacking her degree, her background, the fact she advises Trump … it’s just another reflection of what and what they’ve become.



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