If you needed proof that Democrats are more than happy to politicize a virus while the media panics the entire country about it look no further than Sen. Chris Murphy’s timeline. This guy has no shame … which of course makes complete sense because for him to have shame in the first place he’d have to know what it is.

And with tweets like this, it’s obvious he’s clueless about ‘shame.’

Your daily reminder that this guy sucks.


People are TERRIFIED (thanks media!) and so Murphy gets on Twitter and claims Trump is basically trying to hurt people by getting rid of the ACA. Stay classy, Democrats.

But this isn’t even the worst garbage on his timeline.

Look at this tweet from a few weeks back …

Everything he said here, is a lie.

Still up, weeks later.

And we wonders why people are in a panic and the country seems like it’s on the edge of disaster.

Democrats are FEEDING THIS.


Good to see even back then folks were calling Murphy out on his bulls**t:

And even though he’s been called out, the tweet remains. Not because he isn’t seeing these corrections, but because he doesn’t care. The more panic out there, the better off him and his Democrat pals are for the 2020 election. They knew they couldn’t beat Trump’s economy so what did they do?

Democrats are more dangerous than the virus itself.



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