The irony of ‘Ellen’ producer Andy Lassner even joking about telling other people to grow up. Remember when Andy wrote something his fellow Lefties didn’t like and they attacked him for DAYS? And the people who reached out to him with support were those evil people on the Right?

Yeah, he learned nothing from that.


Interestingly enough we didn’t see his tag trend, even with Wajahat Ali’s help. You guys remember Wajahat, right? No? Well, don’t feel too badly, he’s forgettable. He was the other guest on the Don Lemon show with Rick Wilson who trashed middle America and Trump supporters who nobody can seem to remember.

So clever.

So edgy.

Or not.


Always a good day for a ‘your mom’ joke, doncha think?

That’s him.

C’mon guys, it’s super funny when people they disagree with politically get a virus that could kill them.

Lighten up.



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