Thank goodness President Trump started proactively planning for the coronavirus MONTHS ago and truly, VP Pence is such a great choice to lead the ‘Coronavirus Taskforce.’ Seems like they have our safety well in hand …

Travel restrictions, travel advisory, urging Americans not to travel.

Seems legit.

And, of course, the good, sincere, and totally unbiased people in the traditional media are reporting JUST the facts so Americans aren’t so afraid.

Oh, wait.

Because clearly estrogen stops the coronavirus. Duh.

Who gives a s**t, Stephanie.


That’s NOT the story here.


Annnd we’re dead now.

And hungry.


Sorry, but the CDC has clearly stated vaginas will totally stop the coronavirus in its tracks.

Or something.


Whoa, we use a lot of caps when we make fun of the Left. Maybe because it always seems like they’re shouting at everyone.

Bernie Sanders thing?

Sure, people around the world are panicking that it’s the end of times but more importantly, TRUMP IS A TOTAL SEXIST!

It’s all so exhausting.



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