Never Trump could be responsible for making America a socialist country.

Way to conserve conservatism, guys.

Who knew spending years talking down to Americans in ‘flyover country’ and lecturing other conservatives about how stupid they were to support and vote for Trump would backfire so badly on these folks?

Oh, that’s right, we all knew.

AG Hamilton tweeted a pretty damning thread:

We love how he called them ‘schmucks.’

Gotta keep the resistance crowd a-clickin’ and a-tappin’.


Funny, though, when these same experts tried to lecture Democrats on who they should support and vote for they got shut down on that side as well. Gosh, it’s almost like Americans like to make up their own minds without being nagged by annoying ‘schmucks’ who think they’re their superiors.


Nothing says you’re a conservative like voting for socialism!

Yesterday this editor watched the yahoos on CNN try and convince their viewers that Bernie really is just a moderate and will appeal to more than just the far Left.

It was painfully stupid.

And you can be damn sure we’ll be front and center holding them accountable for that vote.

Hey man, it’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it.



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