Imagine what SNL would do with Joe Biden if the show was still actually funny. Welp, if you read Rob Schneider’s tweet about Joe’s lackluster speech in Nevada you have a pretty good idea of how he and his ‘pack’ would have portrayed the former Vice President.

Good luck in South KOREA, Joe!

Because you know, it’s a big freakin’ deal.


Kevin Nealon would be good.

But Phil Hartman would be even better.

Man, we miss when the show was actually fun to watch.

SERIOUSLY. This editor just had a second thought about whether or not this was actually a JOKE and maybe Joe did say South Korea instead of South Carolina. But it is way funnier to think of it as a joke soooo … let’s leave it at that.

Can he? Really?

And that’s just sad.

But Rob’s joke is funny so yay!



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